Hello again. It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on the site. I’ve been very busy with a ton of things but now, things will probably run much smoother in my life now since I just finished my last class for my college program. I just completed the Cyber Security and Network Administration program for a Bachelor’s degree at my college. It’s been one crazy journey and it feels amazing to not have to be a slave to the US education system anymore just to get anywhere in life. I have reached a point where I can now pursue jobs I have only dreamed of as a child. From the start, the process felt like it would take forever and in a way it did. Living with a military family did not make the process easy as you have to move to a new location every 3 years. From the beginning, a ton of time has passed but it feels like nothing now looking back. Probably because I was so busy working a job and going to classes at the same time. In a way, it feels like lost time but now that I am finally experiencing the benefits of entering a new tier of living within society, I feel much more comfortable about getting setup for the rest of my life on this crazy planet.